About Us

Sevacare has achieved considerable organic growth over a number of years and now provides over 30,000 hours of care and support each week to some 3,000 people from our 14 branches and Head Office. We provide employment for more than 1,600 care staff and office-based staff in many towns and cities.

The enthusiasm for the range and nature of care services provided by our highly-committed team at Sevacare suggests that our business will continue to grow for some time to come. We are currently developing and expanding our provision of more specialised services, in particular support for people with learning disabilities, and will be looking to develop further our community-based work with people with mental health problems and expand our support to people living in Extra care schemes.

The Government is seeking to change the way in which care and support in people's homes is delivered, such that service providers can offer greater choice and flexibility to those for whom they care. Sevacare is at the forefront of this drive for change, backed by the use of the latest technology and an ethos that embraces continuous improvement.